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Daily surf report!

Small waves and our local break the Movie has extended there days to 7 so we must drive around and find other options which isnt so bad. We headed out to Balangan at 9 to find crowded and slightly bumpy waves. We decided to stretch and go through some theory with chuck as we watched the surf , had a coffee and headed out. The crowd seemed to thin out and the surf became cleaner with the direction changing to offshore. The beginners stayed there all day to around 5 and surfed most of the day. happy faces all around the dinner table as alot of clients said it was there best day.

The intermediates surfed with myself and my wife at Nyang Nyangs (solid 1 mtre) early around 9 for the mid tide and no wind till about 10.30, 3 guys out and some long clean rights. We surfed for about 4 hrs and then headed back , hot long walk up those 600 stairs , but well worth it for no crowds and fun waves.

The surf in Bali is slightly rising but not alot from 1.6mtres to 1.8 mtres and should be the same all week. Tomorrow we’ll head to our little secret spot at 9 after Matti’s big night out for his 20th B’day.

So all you surfers wanting a fulfilled surf trip with no crowds and 1mtre waves come check us out , as its quiet season and the waves are good and the crowds low. check us out

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