Daily Surf Report and Camp News - Fri 2010-05-21 Surfcamp Portugal Ericeira

Another sick day in the surf here in Portugal. After that big night yesterday, with the whole camp partying on the front terrace, everybody was keen to get into the water to get their heads clear again. The strong off-shore eased off and we had glassy conditions all day. The swell is slowly dying off. There is still some size in it but a long wait in between the sets. Together with the cloudless sky and 30° degrees in the shade this was pretty much the perfect summer day here in Foz do Lizandro whereas the rest of Europe is freezing, hehehehe.
We could not check the reef-breaks as there was a military parade going on in Ericeira … fuck that.
Make Love not War!
Btw Rapture is also saving lifes. Our Surfguide Pikey saved a portuguese guy and his daughter when they got sucked out by a rip and could not get back in.


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