Daily Surf Report and Camp News - Rapture Surfcamp Portugal Ericeira Wed 2010-05-26

Sorry for that delay but we were heaps busy in the camp;) After a big farewell party for our photographer and entertainer Mr Domi “I got the magic” Lyssek on monday everybody felt a bit hung over on Tuesday. Anyway it was raining before midday and the swell was messy. In the afternoon it cleared up again and we had a sunny afternoon with degrees aroung 25°C. Today the swell cleaned up and we had gentle 2 ft waves at Foz do Lizandro. The banks work really good at the moment, everybody had a fun session this morning.
Tomorrow the plan is to check Coxos in the morning with the advanced surfers our beginners Layla and Attala will stay in at our home beach. The weather is bound to be real sunny again … that means around 30°C.


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