Daily Surf Report and Camp News - Surfcamp Rapture Portugal Ericeira

Last night we had a really nice night outside in the garden. Everybody was tired and happy because of the good surf they had. Simon, Matt and Pikey checked out Coxos for the late surf but didn’t go out because of the crowds instead they surfed a sick session at Foz after the fun little early session at Sao JuliaoAndi and Domi enjoyed the mellow night and slept on the day bed.
The swell cleared up and we had solid 4 ft waves with little wind at Foz do Lizandro. The crew was so stoked that they went out for 3 surf sessions today. Pikey scored the move of the day with an Fs 180 revert and Matt got shagged on some barrels. Domi our friend and photographer gave the new waterhousing for his camera a try and got some sick shots. This night is bound to be more quiet as everyone is a little bit surfed out.

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