Daily Surf Report and Camp News - Surfcamp Rapture Portugal

As decided yesterday we went to our neighbour beach Sao Juliao with the whole crew. Matt, Pikey, Simon walked over on top of the cliff to check the possibilities for fishing there. It is a pretty long walk but at least they got a good company by the girls Sarah and Carina. The rest of the crew went by car and took the surfboards. We had nice waves and everyone enjoyed this litte surf trip. After the session we decided to head back to the surf camp because it was a bit windy and the girls wanted to back to go for another baking session in our chill-out area. People are loving the new garden set-up and we are super stoked that all the effort we put in is well received.
Looks like we are going for another surf session in the late afternoon here in Foz do Lizandro because everyone is keen to take advantage of the good conditions and the nice weather.

yew …

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