Daily Surf Report and Camp News Thu 2010.05.20 - Surfcamp Rapture Portugal Ericeira

Today we had a perfect day … when Andi got up at 7.00 the wind was blowing off-shore with around 10 knots and the recent swell was still alive and cleared up even more so our beachbreak Foz do Lizandro was pumping with a pleasant wave rate which made it easy for everyone to get into the line-up. The surf session was super-fun although some of the crew felt a bit surfed out after the massive day yesterday. Finnish charger Markus scored a nice drop-in on a massive wave. Although he wiped-out and got pounded he was so stoked because Domi our photographer got the shot.
At low tide some of the crew went to check out the reef-breaks. Ribeira d’Ilhas was super-crowded as always but Backdoor, Reef and Piedra Branca were ok. Our Bodyboarder Nicko surfed Reef and Piedra Branca … which delivered the set of the day – just massive. Matt and Pikey decided to surf Backdoor. Pikey was dominating the session and scored a few pits and a nice Air Reverse on the inside of Backdoor. Everyone is hoping the swell stays alive and we have some more perfect days like this one.


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