Daily Surf Report - Ericeira, Portugal, 1st of August

Waking up for the early session this morning was no easy task. The punters cursed the cool breeze and ominous weather, as they sipped their coffees and peered wonderingly at the homeless man on the day bed. After the wetsuits were donned and the boards carefully selected the gang walked down the beach to find that the surf was gangbusters. Perfect 1-2 feet waves were rolling in, breaking and reforming providing rides longer than J-bay some would say.
Everyone was soon catching their fair share of waves but there were two notable performances. Jackie was ripping, being awarded cover shot and general queen of the morning. Meanwhile Thomas, with his hulk like frame which suggests he would have trouble floating on anything short of an aircraft carrier, was not only floating but flying down the faces with and a grace and style reminiscent of Cascius Clay. While appreciating the great surfing by Jackie and Thomas a Portuguese man in unusually small swim trunks also commented on how good the pair were performing. He expressed that he thought Jackie should take the title of the morning, but after glancing quickly down at his trunks it was confirmed that sexual preference may have been creating some bias. Mike and Froggy were out the back watching for sharks and waiting for the bigger waves. Mikes gutsy effort on some of the larger waves was inspirational to us all. DJ Arabian Knight and Laurie also got onto a few beautiful waves but I think the DJ was more worried about posing for the camera then what was going on beneath his feet.


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