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Daily Surf Report -Rapture Surfcamp Portugal

We had a beautiful day today in our Camp in Ericeira. The recent swell is still alive and delivered solid 4 to 5 ft waves at Foz do Lizandro. The “PIT-BOSS” contest is on and Matt, Todd, Simon and Jan went out surfing this late morning to start the first round. Todd was dominating and scored the wave of the day. Jan decided to rather enjoy the sun and spent the whole day on the beach. At low-tide we have perfect conditions for beginners now and the sun is shining and we enjoy 25 degree so that Matt’s head’s already red being used to London’s No-Sun conditions Andi stayed back in the camp due to his fucked up back (snowboard injury, btw) and took care of the plants in the new garden and prepared dinner for everyone. Amped by his performance in today’s surf Todd vowed after dinner to hunt down recently spotted bush turkey’s and deliver them as a sacrifice to the gods if he should win the comp. But it’s only first round and the season is long … yew

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