Early start to the Day seems the best thing to avoid the crowds

We woke early to hit the waves in hope that the crowds would be less as its sunday and the crowds seem to be always bad then. To our surprise there were only 6 guys out Bingin, it looked slightly messy , but uncrowded and the tide was dropping and it usually cleans up which is did. Ryan had some of his best rides , whilst ramona our german girl surfguide was just going for everything and showed most of the boys up. She was stoked , some of the beginners came down and yelled and screamed everytime she took on a set. She has a go which is great to see.

The surf in bali will drop slightly over the next days , but will rise again for 2 days with 2mtre swell predicted , but then after that its going down again , so our Nusa dua secret spot should be working and without the crowds , which have slightly died off over the last days. Surfing in bali seems to be getting more and more people earlier each year. So those empty days are slowly dissapearing. Our Bali surf camp is growing with a new couples villa in the making hopefully with only 2 weeks left till its finished and this one is complete luxury with a laid back custom build Bathtub for the ladies to chill out in whilst there husband surfs like a nut or the other way around she surfs like a nutter and we also have a upstairs chillout area to watch the sunset go down and read.

So till tomorrow come visit us in bali , you’ll love it.

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