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Ericeira 18th of April

The surf in Ericeira today was a lot smaller than yesterday.
The swell has dropped right off, all through the day yesterday the conditions were changing. In the morning it was clean and still large and messy with the high tide, but as the tide and the swell continued to drop the beach break at Foz do Lizandro started to turn on. There were only 4 people out and some really good rides, lefts and rights.

Over night the swell dropped more and this morning the conditions were perfect for surfers of all abilities, as the day went on it only got better, but the incredibly bad weather kept most surfers away, rainy and cold all day.
Being so close to the beach means that you can watch it all day and surf when it is the best.

Riberia and Coxos and also reef had some small fun waves, just a matter of get the tides right and picking a spot with a smaller crowd.

See you in the camps

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