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Ericeira Daily Surf Blog - Portugal 16.06.09

Still really windy this morning, some small waves at Foz do Lizandro but no good sand banks still, nothing like the epic waves we had here about 2 weeks ago. Some of the guys still enjoyed themselves, but found it got a little bit more difficult with as the day went on and the wind brought the swell up a bit more.
With nothing on offer for the better guys, we had a look at some other alternatives. Riberia had some small waves, but with 8 guys out, it still wasnt worth getting out there. We settled on a small windy right that was breaking next Backdoor. It looked terrible but once we were in the water everyone enjoyed themselves.
This weekend looks like it will be getting better, at last, some people are getting a little stir crazy.

Here are some more photos of the other day.

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