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Ericeira Surf Portugal- Satisfied Customers

This nice email is from yet another satisfied client, that absolutely loved the camp and the atmosphere and is now addicted to surfing. Thanks Lucy


WHere do I start?!?!

When I decided to go back to Rapture and my partners in crime couldn’t come with me this time, it was weird, I wasn’t one bit nervous about being on my own. Of course I missed my girls being there with me, but as per usual, I was made feel so welcome from the moment I was picked up from the airport!

Andi held the fort in your absense and did a fab job 🙂 You could definitely feel Matt’s absence but with the return of Nick and the new addition of the lovely Stefan, the ‘family’ was more or less the same!! The camp was jam-packed and I was very lucky to get a bunk, but as always, in Andi’s famous words, “we make it happen” in Rapture!

Jono, ‘my’ ever-encouraging instructor, ironed out the little bad habits I’d somehow picked up (he informed me that I looked like a ‘gorilla’ on the surfboard at one stage!!) and had me giving it loads on the waves once again! He really does have more faith in my surfing abilities than I do myself!!

It was great to see you when you got back to the camp and I know I pestered you about your curry from the moment you arrived but I really can’t believe that you made dinner early enough for me to have some of your AMAZING curry before I left on Thursday. It was so, so sweet of you and it was great soakage for the 1 or 2 (!) caipirinhas I’d had on my last day before heading to the airport!

To be honest, that in itself really hit the nail on the head for me when thinking of what makes Rapture camps so different/special to me:
I know that you are providing a service and a excellent one at that, but when I’m there, I feel like I’m among friends/family and all the ‘services’ are little favours that family and friends would do automatically. You all create a lovely, friendly atmosphere in the camp and even though I feel like I’m ‘special’, I’m sure every single customer feels this way.

Thanks again for EVERYTHING – I’m sure you know at this stage that I’ll be back over to you guys, in fact, I can’t really imagine doing any other type of holiday anymore!

Keep in touch guys,

Luc 🙂 xx

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