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Excellent Bank at Sao Juliao - Surf Report

Today the banks at Sao Juliao were great. While Foz do Lizandro, Pedra Branca and Riberia were all crowded we decided to go and spend the day at Sao Juliao.
Some of us had a good surf at Foz do Lizandro early this morning before the crowd arrived. Living on the beach it makes it easy to check the surf, and a tfirst light the swell had risen a few feet since yesterday, and the wind was light offshore. The waves were good, and the water was so clear, really a beautiful morning. There were good lefts in the corner and some other peaks down the beach too.
After breakfast we headed off to Sao Juliao, and there was only a few people on the first peak. We walked down the beach and found a nice quiet spot with what looked like some great lefts. The swell was pushing down the bank and they were really long. A hard paddle out, made easier by a strong rip, we found that there were also some great rights that were wedging up and a few even barreled. The beginners had a great surf too, the white water waves coming across the shallow sand bank were perfect, strong and predicable. Some the girls had some really great waves, all the way to the beach.
Everyone had an excellent surf and the water is still so warm, a few people surfed in board shorts or bikinis, and for several hours easily.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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