What is surf guiding?

Surf guiding is for anybody who can already catch a wave on their own. We offer different levels of guiding (from Advanced Beginner to Expert) suitable for all guests.

Surf guiding is included in the room price and is conducted by our guides in a group of maximum 6 people. Our guides plan the schedule around 3 days in advance. The guests can check the spots on the iPads provided in Seminyak and Canggu. Other information about the spots (time of the day, spots recorded for video analysis, levels, equipments needed such as booties, etc) is also shown in the session planner on the iPads. 

The guests would need to register with our Front office to get their accounts activated for the session planner and we recommend booking your spot by 8pm the previous day to ensure you get the location of preference as some spots are extra popular and book in advance.

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