What visa do I need to enter Bali?

Staying for 30 days or less

If you plan to stay for less than 30 days and are from a country listed on the below link then you do not have to pay any entry fee on arrival or organise any visa prior to your visit.

These regulations have recently been updated.


Staying for over 30 days

If you plan to stay for more than 30 days then you need to purchase a Visa On Arrival for $35. To get the VOA you need to que at the counter before immigration.

This stamp means that you can stay for 30 days and then extend your visa at the immigration office for an additional 30 days. You can extend your visa with a number of visa agencies across the island.

If you do not pay this entry fee, you are unable to extend and have to leave Indonesia before the visa ends. The fine for overstaying your visa is 300,000 IDR per day (approx. €20).

It is important to remember that:

Day of arrival counts as day one
Day of departure counts as full day

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