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June marks the start of the summer festivals in Lisbon which are known as the Festas dos Santos populares. Parades are organised in all of the districts in Lisbon at the start of June. The most important day is twelfth June when locals and tourists crowd Avenida da Liberdade to watch the parades and take in the carnival atmosphere. There is a party spirit in the air, tables are put in the streets, the cafes are full, there is the smell of grilled sardines in the air and music surrounds the city. The party goes on all night, spilling from bars into the streets and peoples backyards.

The annual event is a cultural celebration that focuses on three different areas of activity – expositions, cinema and music. As such, there are three main events that make up the festival – VIDCF film competition, which awards prizes to aspiring movie makers, Village Art – a collection of contemporary pieces that focus on new media – and Village Music, which features a range of DJs and VJs. An incredible party not to be missed.

Join us next weekend, for the party of the year in Lisboa.

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