Foz do Lizandro Daily Blog - Clean Swell Offshore Waves

This morning at 7, the surf was already looking good, a few people surfed at Pedra Branca, with the swell direction around to the WNW it was small and fun and not closing out as much as the last days. Its a little bit bigger than yesterday, and a beautiful offshore wind is gromming the lines coming in. Foz do Lizandro, the tide was too high this morning, but now its looking like it could be a great day of surfing. There is a fun bank, lefts and rights and not too many people.

Last night, friday night, was poker night again. For some reason the girls always seem to win. Last night the 4 girls playing, some first timers, were the last 4 people left in the game. I havent won one game yet.
Less beer next time and some more concentration.


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