Fun barreling waves out Temples Uluwatu .Padang padang surf camp

We had a day away from people and crowds so today we decide to hit up Ulu’s feel the vibe. Turned up around 9 looked out noticed that the peak was pumping and had about 100 guys on it , turned my head up the coast to Temples wow going off its nut 5 guys out mmmmm got me thinking why , i didnt think to long ran over to the warung wipped on the shorts waxed up and ran down to the cave with the boyz. 5 of us paddled out and surfed it for about an hour before some others got onto it and ventured out , there ended up being 20 of us out but it was constant so no worries. Check out this barrel had by one of the boys. Loving it we all had some sic pits and surfed for about 5 hrs till we couldnt surf no more , needed food , suncream and a massage.

Some other clients surfed Pipeline down at Bingin great fun wave for intermediates wanting to learn how to surf reef for the first time. And maggie our one beginner surfed with teko and had a ball out Padang padang , said it was the first day she rode the wave and not the wave riding her. hehehehe

Well looks good for the weekend 3.1 mtres with a strong offshore to keep those massive pits open.

till then stay surfing and come visit us in bali

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