Great Beginner Day - Ericeira Daily Surf Report

Today the surf has dropped down in size again. The last few days have been ok, some small waves from the north but also a strong north wind as well. Yesterday both Foz do Lizandro and Sao Juliao were small and fun around the low tide, the later being far less crowded. Some fun rides, but a little small, it would be perfect on a little bit of a bigger board.
Today is smaller again and perfect for those people coming up to the end of their first week surfing. Small green waves breaking over a nice sand bank. Everyone had a great morning.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and also one of the girls birthday, she is turning 20something. The group of 4 girls from Ireland and the rest of the camp have planned to go out in Lisbon tonight. Should be a crazy night out, the have only been here for a 2 nights and have already had 3 all nighters, how is that possible?


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