Great Waves at Foz do Lizandro - Daily Blog Ericeria, Portugal

This morning was beautiful and it only got better. As the tide dropped we started to think that we would have to leave our home break of Foz do Lizandro in front of our house to surf, it just started to get better and better. The lefts and rights breaking off almost the same peak meant that there were a lot of surfers together on the one spot, but there were plenty of waves. All the goofys were going left and us regular surfers were loving the rights. At around 12 just as the tide hit its lowest point, the surf was the best, a quick take off, an easy wall and then a fun end sections. The boogie boards were loving it in the corner too, some great left hand barrels.

Now the wind has come up and bee into it for about 1 hour, but it is still fun while the tide is not to low. It will glass off this afternoon but the problem is the high tide will be hanging around till late.


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