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Great waves in bali today for the bali surf camp

Nice and clean today. We surfed Dreamland early on in the day as the wind wasnt so strong and the lineup was empty and the swell was still solid around 6ft sets . The lads loved it , ramona was out there charging it and showing up the boys again. Nice to see a lady having a go these days , im sure she’ll be surfing Padang Padang left before the year it out.

We then hit the late at a nice quite spot where it was only 3ft but a little bumpy but fun considering that there was only 2 people in the lineup well untill we filled it up with 12 hehehehhehe. Amazing wedgey wave fun and some of the waves went for atleast 300mtres long walls.

6.00 am we’ll be on it again , sorry cant mention the spot as we like it quiet , but if your here in bali and yes staying with me ill show you and im sure you’ll want to kiss me as jay the pom was so over the moon and stoked he had a huge smile on his face all night at dinner.

The swell will be around for the week …stoked get in for gurranteed waves at Our surf camp in bali.

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