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Great waves in bali today for the bali surf camp

We surfed early in Nyang Nyang as the swell was slightly small , awesome uncrowded waves. We then headed to Uluwatu for the mid to late arvo session and that was even better , the crowds died off and the swell began to pump. After such a hard walk up those stairs we were pretty tired but we surfed on. A few barrels had by some and other just ripped it up.

The beginners ventured out to Balangan for an all day surf trek and loved it , slightly small but loads of long peeling lefts for them to practice on. Ramona our german surfguide girl was at school learning how to become a surf teacher. She loved it…hehehehhe 3 days in Kuta is not cup of tea.

Surfing in bali over the next days will be on the rise to around about 2.3mtres at the end of the week. So come to the padang padang surf camp chill out in our hammocks under the stars in a nice happy little enviroment in our wonderful garden.

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