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Hangin with the locals

This morning we were blessed with a sleep in and a 8am surf time. We were able too relax and enjoy a hearty breakfast then load up the boards and get ready to surf! As we were pulling out of the driveway we were greeted by some Kuta-partiers returning from a night/day out. Still giggling and keen for a surf! We headed to Padang beach and the swell was still up. The waves were a little smaller than yesterday but still pushing 2 foot sets. The wind picked up slightly, which gave the waves a bit of bump but were just stoked there is swell! As we paddled out we were greeted by a little friend in the water- at first I thought it was a massive 100 year old turtle but no, it was a dead cow. The little fella drifted into shore then was pushed back out to sea by the current. May his body rest in peace. We surfed two long sessions enjoying every moment. We came in for a local feed and hung out with some Padang locals (check out Nyoman- isn’t she cute!!) then came home for some DVDs and snooze time. Tonight Sunny is cooking dinner in our NEW kitchen! Pictures will be up tomorrow! Yeeow!


Graham Land is a writer who grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, where he was part of the local hardcore punk scene. Through this musical movement he became involved in grass roots interests such as anti-racist activism, animal rights and Ecology. In 2000 he relocated to Europe, earning an MA in History from Malmö University in Sweden. Graham writes on a variety of topics including the environment, politics and history.
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