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Kuta Beach in front of the Hard rock hotel was the venue for the ISC pro tour opening ceremony for 2009. The event started of with a traditional Balinese dance and welcoming speeches by Tipi Jabrik from ISC and current 2008 champion Dede Suryana.

This year is Shaping up to be a real dream tour, With Places like West Sumbawa, Java and the famous breaks around Bali like Padang Padang, Keramas and Sanur reef all on the calender. Make sure if you in Bali to checkout A pro tour event and watch these guys Ripping.

ISC and Coca cola are doing great things in trying to clean up Bali’s pollution on the beaches This year. Bins have been place at some beaches and There are a number of events throughout the year where clean up days will be organized to keep the Surf destinations and beaches clean. So do your bit and Take your rubbish with you so it doesn’t end up in your favorite lineup!!

With a spectacular Bali sunset to wrap things up, The Crew headed to the Hardrock hotel for Dinner and to view the new Video documentary on Dede Suryana.
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