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Learn to surf in Bali

Our camp offers qualified surf guides and surf lessons for all Surfers , not only are they qualified , but they can actually surf and surf very well. Chuck goofy surfer has 12 years surf experience and is a local from Bingin and is currently sponsored by Eko Surfboards and headeness clothing. Teko Natural surfer has surfed for 13 years and has several sponsors such as seven shores , cool shoes , 69 slam underwear and Eko surfboards.

Both our guides have knowledge of all surf breaks in Bali and both are willing and happy to either teach clients from basics up till Pro or just take you surfing around bali in general.

So all you people wanting to learn from someone who cares about you whilst in the water and wants to show you how to surf the best way and get the most from it , then You’ll get that help here at Rapture Surf camp Bali.

Surf school in Bali for 4 years now and located on the Bukit near Padang Padang and uluwatu. Surf camp bali and surf school bali.

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