Lonely surfers Temples just myself and caleb ....barreling off its head

Well yes the heading says it all , Caleb and i surfed Temples alone for about 3 hrs today on midtide. Alot of people were sitting down at racetracks thinking that temples was to shallow , but the direction of the swell made the waves run on the outter reef which is deeper so it was insane and not that shallow. Barrels all round long fun and yes after 4 hrs of surfing we were fcxked…exhausted as we couldnt keep up with the waves , so many my neck was tight my back aching my legs sore , but my face had a massive smile on it.

After 3 hrs 4 guys paddled out they must have noticed our massive smiles on our faces from the cliff as we were stoked. We then surfed middles which had an empty right running into the end of temples , and yes again we surfed this alone for an hour hehehehhehe

The clients had a massive day of surfing , Toro Toro at 6am , then 10.30 at dreamland then padang padang at 4 for the late session , home for spag bol and and early night all tired as.

Surfing bali , bali surfing

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