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New surfboards

uuuuuhhhhhhhh ….Up early again to get some decent clean uncrowded waves. We checked out the Nusa Dua side early for a different option than surfing the same break everyday. Some clients surfed Niko and the others decided it was still a little to low to surf that side so they opted for the easy option of Surfing Our local break padang padang and yes there was nobody out and we had both spots to ourselves. The waves are still around the 1mtre mark and the swell seems consistent.

The surf camp and surf school of Bali are running quiet well this season with business in Bali booming.

The surf in Bali is on the rise by Thursday it should be a solid 2.5 mtres but this week looks like rain all the nights which should cool things off for us. So for cool waves and warm weather check us out Surf Scool and Surf camp Bali

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