Nice little swell today in Toro toro and a big swell in Keramas. Bali surfing

Today was a long drive to Keramas , loads of traffic , hot weather but all worth it cause when we arrived we were surprised as it was uncrowded and clean and big solid 8 to 10ft. Check the pic. After running down the beach we spoke to Ida one of the warung locals asking him why it was so uncrowded and he said that 25mins before there was 40 guys on it and now just 10 , so we timed it perfect he also said it was much better now than before…hhihihihiih…..Nice , wee surfed with Jamie O , Mike lossness and a few other big guns. Plenty of waves around aswell as Filmers on the beach. Some sic big pits seen all day.

The Semi beginners and intermediates surfed Toro Toro , after a fun boat ride out we had found it paradise to big for some but to small for others…
There was 12 people out when we arrived , and then 24 people once we jumped in the water…hehehehhe.. We surfed for 5 hrs enjoyed it then headed back.

Many happy faces at the dinner table as Jay told us for the 100th time that it was the best surf of his life , he loves it so much he tells us after almost every session that it was his best session or best waves ever….lovely guy and he’ll be missed by alot of us when he leaves on sunday after a 2month stay with us he has grown on alot of us. From a complete beginner to riding a 6,3 fish in Uluwatu most days in 2 months is a great achievement. Good on you mate keep up the good work and keep surfing dude.

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