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Not as big as we hoped

Well our surf camp in bali has seen small waves yet again today , the charts advised a rise in swell from 1.4 to 1.9 but it didnt rise that much. Padang Padang was around 1 mtre on the sets and seemed to be slightly crowded. Uluwatu just didnt seem to have any juice today , the direction of swell looked all wrong to straight on with many closeouts and loads of people in the water. The wind was on and off all day aswell so no perfection in bali today.

The swell should rise a little tomorrow and the wind looks bad aswell , after this theres no waves for the rest of the week , looking small as. But Rapture knows the island and we will find some little secrets to keep all our clients happy.

So keep surfing and come to do some surfing in bali soon. Bali surf camp

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