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Nusa Lembogan for the day

Well we hit it early 5 am , arrrived at lembogan at 7 am and funny enough we were first on the peak , clean offshore all day with only about 10 guys on it. We surfed all 3 breaks all day , ending up at playgrounds for the late. All stoked on it , 3ft clean lines all day and en empty lineup , thats what balis all about.

The swell looks like its dropping over the next days , so the bali surf camp will have alot more options with medium size waves. Surfing in bali wasnt at its best the last days as the massive swell missed the island and we only had a couple of hours of about 5 footers.

Anyways our bali surf school has been very successful over the last week with loads of happy clients and our surf guiding has paid off as we have searched day and night to find the best of it all and we have succeeded.

Keep it oooonnnnnnnn

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