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Padang Padang Surf Camp

We split up today …sad …

Hehehe we decided to split the groups up as to not crowd one spot to ourselves. The complete beginners went to padang Padang for lessons with Teko and the Better surfers went to Airport Rights and Toro Toro.

Padang padang was very clean when we arrived and small around 2- 3ft , fun waves. The Aussie boys from Outback bush country had there first surf and loved it , accept John kicked his toe twice on the back of the board and broke 2 toes on 2 seperate ocassions. I didnt think it was possible but he did it. His mate Danny Looked like a tomatoe red as from the sun , he said thinking he was an aussie he wouldnt burn , but he did. After the sessions the crew headed off to temple lodge for a Spa and massage to sooth the war wounds.

Airports was a little windy but also the crew said they loved the boat ride out and the waves seemed to be all good about 3ft on sets , when they arrived it was on overload with japs everywhere but they soon dissapeared quick. Carl Destroyed the nose of one board , when he ran over Salvadore the portuguese guy , but no injuries.

Tomorrow looks promissing with a slight rise in size to 2.7mtres , and yes the rain has stopped so all good.

Keep enjoying life and keep surfing for fun

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