Party at Foz do Lizandro - Portugal Daily Blog the 20th May

Today in Foz do Lizandro and the Ericeira area the waves were fairly average. The swell has dropped since yesterday, but the wind is still here, very strong from the north. The beach break at Foz do Lizandro was ok early and late, but better waves were to be found at Riberia and the inside at Coxos. Both were small but a little protected from the wind until it swung around more to the West direction.

Tonight at Foz do Lizandro there is a party at the beach. This annual event that happens on a weekend in May, always draws a crowd. There is a Music venue set up on the beach and the bars are open. At the moment there are heaps of people arriving, while we have been enjoying the sunset and a cold beer after dinner.
Its sure to be a fun night, just a short stroll from the house.
If your in Ericeira, come on down.


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