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Perfection - Portugal 3rd of May

Perfection is the only way to describe today.
Perfect swell conditions.
Perfect wind conditions.
Perfect weather.

This morning at 6 oclock, when we woke up, we were greeted by a beautiful site. The swell had dropped overnight, although it was still close to double overhead on the sets. The wind was straight offshore at about 8knots, and the sky was a perfect blue. Coxos this morning was looking very nice, but a little bit too much water moving around in the channel. There was no body out in the water, until later in the morning.
Backdoor and Riberia had some great rides, but again not for the beginners. It was just too big in Ericeira for most intermediate spot, except for Pria do Sul, close to the Villa Gale hotel at high tide.

For those the surfers that were not up for surfing in these conditions, we took a trip to some of the better spots, to watch some really talented surfers, in some big perfect waves.

This evening, were are headed out to dinner in Ericeira, and maybe for a night out on the town.
The conditions look even better for tomorrow, the wind is lighter, and the swell a bit smaller.
Another perfect day in Portugal.

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