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Poker Night - Daily Ericeira Blog

Yesterday the surf was fairly large for some of the spots around Ercieira. From the north east and quiet windy as well, this meant that most of the spots around Ericeira were blown out, and messy. Some of the beach close to Lisbon were looking good, but not excellent.

To make up for no surf and the fact that it was friday night, we had a poker tournament. Everybody played, the stakes only for 3€ but everybody took to it seriously at the begining, that is until after a few drinks and it turned into a very funny game. A long game that ended in the 3 girls taking the top 3 places, two of them have only ever played once before, go figure. Beginners luck.

This morning the swell had dropped off, and although everyone was feeling a little bit worse than most mornings, we all went surfing. The waves were actually really fun, glassy and head high. The lefts and Foz do Lizandro were great and we surfed alone for hours.

Until tomorrow

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