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Portugal Daily surf Report and Blog

Tomorrow we are heading into Lisbon after a morning surfing and a big breakfast, for the huge street party that takes place in Lisbon every year. It start at about 12 and goes to the early hours of the morning. There are about 12 of us so it should be a fun day out.

The surf this morning was quiet fun, a little bit bigger than yesterday, which wasnt in the forecast at all. Lucky that we are right on the beach here at Foz do Lizandro, and at first light we are able to check the waves and make a decision if its worth going surfing. This morning just 4 of us out in the water at 6, head high and glassy. The swell is still there weak and the waves close together, and once the wind came up there wasnt really any good ones left.

A huge BBQ and this sun set to help sink a few cold beers.


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