Surf School Portugal

Are you looking for the best place to learn how to surf in a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Our surf school in Portugal provides top quality surf lessons from instructors with European licenses.


We are located in Ericeira, Portugal’s surfing capital and Europe’s first and only World Surfing Reserve. Ericeira’s consistent waves and gorgeous natural scenery are famous throughout the surf world. It’s the perfect location for a surf school and has the best conditions for surfing at all levels.

Surf School Portugal

Whether it’s small, medium or big wave surfing you want to learn, our instructors know all the spots. We’ve got over 30 years combined surfing experience and we know Portugal’s best breaks. At our surf school we’ll teach you to surf and guide you to the spots at the right times and proper conditions to best suit your particular skill level.

Basic surf lessons start by learning how to handle your board, paddle out, catch a wave and then get to your feet.

Some fundamental steps you will start with at our Surf School:

Stance: We’ll find the proper stance for you, whether your stance is natural (left foot forward) or goofy (right foot forward). You can practice your stance on the beach or at home.

Surf School Step One: Lie stomach-down on your board or on a towel, body in the middle of the board with your feet at the tail or slightly over. Keep the tip or “nose” of the board level with the water. Adjust by inching forwards or backwards.

Surf School Ericeira

Surf School Step Two: Proper paddling is like a forward crawl swim stroke, but with arms extended to your sides. Hands should be cupped to push yourself through the water, arms alternately rotating at the shoulder.

Surf School Step Three: Choosing and catching your waves. Place yourself facing the beach, then paddle forward with the wave’s force and time your entry. Place your hands palm-down in front of your chest to push against the board and lift yourself to your feet. If you have any trouble getting up this way just use your back leg or knee to assist getting upright. When you’re up, keep your feet at shoulder width. Your back foot should be parallel with the width of the board and your front at a 45-degree angle. Arms should be held out to steer and keep balance. Bend your knees slightly.

Surf School Portugal

Here are some example lesson summaries from our surf school:

Surf School Portugal

Surf Lesson 1

• Safety intro & beach awareness
• Surf equipment
• Paddling
• Catching a wave
• Standing up on your board
• Surfboard control

Surf School Portugal

Surf Lesson 2

• Standing up
• How to ride a wave towards the shore
• Techniques for speeding up and stalling
• Popping up
• Improving your stance

Surf Lessons Portugal

Surf Lesson 3

• Surf awareness
• How to turn
• Backhand and forehand techniques
• Getting your own style

Portugal Surf Lessons

Surf Lesson 4

• How to link your turns
• Improving technique

Portugal Surf School

Surf Lesson 5

• Paddling out techniques
• “Out of depth” waves
• Going “out the back”
• Linking top and bottom turns
• Whitewater lines

Surf School Portugal

Surf Lesson 6

• Choosing and timing your waves
• Riding unbroken waves
• Sitting on your board
• Angled take offs

Surf lessons Portugal

Surf Lesson 7

• Positioning yourself in the line-up
• Making backhand and forehand turns on the face of the wave
• Using rip currents
• Refining your timing and wave choice
• Surfing with hardboards