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Rain all day

Well the season has almost come to an End , Small waves and the rain has come early this season with it raining all day. Lets hope for more sunshine.

The surf was about 2ft today and the crowds seem to be down i guess due to the rain.

After a quick session needed to hit up Carefour for some shopping for food for the camp and yes you guessed it the roads were rammed with cars and so were the malls full of people just hanging around and doing the odd shopping here and there. After a 4hr shopping spree headed back to surf again in the arvo but the surf was so small that we just hung at home.

The surf in bali seems to be saying 2.7mtres but the surf says 2ft maybe 2.7ft heheheh so small all week but we will find some options no worries about that always good to have smaller dayz in bali makes us explore the island and find new spots.

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