Rapture Surf Camp Bali takes over Toro Toro and airport rights. Surf in Bali

Just a small review today sorry but im just surfed out. We have been hitting it early every day for a week now as the tides have been high early every day. Great conditions and no crowds accept us ,ehehehhe. This last 4 days , toro toro, padang padang , toro toro , dreamland , balagan and airport rights ,Uluwatu bingin and impossibles. phhhhewww loads of breaks , loads of surfing and yes loads of fun. We also hit up a few secret spots late arvo’s but cant mention them…hehehe.

Great fun but im surfed out , tomorrow will be small so we are sleeping in till 8 and getting on it at 9. The swell has been great last few days around 1mtre on and off making the waves clean and sometimes a few hours of slight onshore but back to offshore most days.

Wednesday thursday solid 3.6 mtres should be great ill post some massive pits online soon.

Keep surfing and check us out even if we are full we’ll try to help you find something out here somewhere. We do have one villa with pool available from the 25th till the 8th , get it while it lasts.

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