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Rapturecamps Portugal - A new yoga instructor

This Morning – the 9th of May – the surf was big and glassy. The swell has picked up alot since last night, to around the 4m mark. Some huge sets were coming through at all the spots, most going unridden.

Not in the mood to surf in these sort of conditions, we now have a new yoga teacher, working with us in the camp.
Ines, has been teaching Yoga for many years, in many different countries, and now is working with us to pass on some of her expert knowledge. She teaches mostly the Kundalini Yoga style, which can best be described as a powerful science of sequence, rhythm and sound. With attention paid to every aspect of the mind, body and soul, as well as a focus on certain aspect that are important to surfing, such as core strength and flexibility, breathing and also relaxation. What better way to achieve a healthier and happier existence, and a higher consciousness than with Kundalini Yoga and surfing.
Yoga has incredible benefits for a surfer, and with a health meal plan and a relaxing atmosphere im sure everyone will feel the difference after a few days of this.

See you tomorrow

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