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Small and Clean - Perfect Beginners Day Again

The waves yesterday were perfect for first timers, and those still learning to catch small green waves. It was about knee high and the winds were light. Best of all the sun was out, a really beautiful day. The gentle waves were easy to get past and out the back for those that were looking to get their first green waves. Kate was the stand out performer, taking off on her first ever green wave, so stoked.
For the first timers the white water was good too, making learning to surf easy and very enjoyable.
The more experienced guys enjoyed a longboard session too, all taking out on of the camps 8ft boards. Reverse takeoffs, and little nose rides and just a fun atmosphere in the water, meant that everyone had a laugh.
Today the swell looks similar, small and easy for everyone. Its sure to fill up quickly with other surf schools though, with the house being on the beach like we are, we always seem to be the first in the water everyday.
The forecast looks like the waves will be the same till almost the weekend. So get you there and learn to surf.


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