Small waves but fun waves to be had in Nyang Nyangs and Our little secret spot

We surfed late around 10 due to the tide and we decided to have a sleep in as we’ve been up early every morning for the past few days. Nyang Nyang was around 1mtre only 2 guys out but it had a slight onshore wind but was still great uncrowded and plenty of waves. Nice for a change onshore instead of offshore. Our secret spot had one guy out and when we paddle out he left so the 6 of us surfed till dark and had an awesome time mixing it up.

Tomorrow looks promising i hope this giant swell hits it would be great to have padang padang firing and even outside corner aswell or even impossibles.

Our bali surf school should either go to toro toro or jimbaran depends on the size of the swell.

So we’ll keep you posted on the whats happening here in our bali surf camp.

Keep surfing and come visit us soon we have just rented a villa from the 25th till the 8th of August as we have so many extra requests , we still have 2 rooms left , A/C hot showers and yes a massive pool looking out over Dreamland , Bingin , Impossibles , padang padang and Uluwatu.

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