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Small waves In Balangan but still fun

Little itty Bitty winy waves to be had at Balangan over the last days. The bukit , well all of bali has seen alot small days. We have been surfing batu Balan , Balangan , dreamland and sometimes padang padang. Uluwatu was even almost flat for a day. But alot of beginners in the camp said it was the best waves of there trip.

We have a camp half full of funny swed’s full of energy and they love to party. Marko has been partying daily and eating loads of KFC each day after massive nights and then surfing as hard as he can throughout the day, but at 20 even he cant keep up with this his whole trip , he’s starting to look worn out.

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The waves are on the rise over the next days , but next week looks really small.

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