Steady swell around the last week. Nothing seems to look much differnt next week bali surf camp report

Steady 3ft swell around this week with not much change for next week.

So this morning we awoke with a Monkey jumping on the roof of the house , i think he was trying to get in to get some food , but the kittens started to make alot of noise and maggie came to the rescue yelling at the big monkey who then took off.

We headed out to dreamland early to get the very low tide session to avoid the crowds and for a differnt option to just surfing Padang padang rights. Dreamland was fun , not to crowded slight offshore wind with solid 1mtre sets rolling in consistently. The better surfers hit up a little secret spot over the nusa dua side before the wind came up , which was great solid 5ft sets and empty as alot of people think that side isnt working in this season , but little do they know that 70 % of the time it’s great. So after that we went off to balian for the day which was great. Solid 2mtres and only a slight onshore wind.

Tomorrow we could do some safari-ing and searching for something differnt. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

So take it easy sit back and enjoy life.

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