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Surf and BBQ - Daily Blog Ericeira 3rd of June

Yesterday the waves were great fun, still clean offshore and sunny. Its the 7th day straight that we have had perfect wind conditions, very rare for this time of year. The swell has dropped a bit but the consistent conditions has meant that in the southern corner at Foz do Lizandro a lot of sand has built up. This has formed a sort of point break, some great left hand barrels the other day were on offer. It turned on quiet suddenly, for about an hour across the low tide. Living right on the beach at Foz do Lizandro we saw it happening, and scored it to ourselves before any of the local surfers could get out there.

Last night we had a huge BBQ, pushing the grill to its limits, with over 4kg of meat, sausages and vegetables for the vegetarians. A few extras guests that are over from Australia joined us, and we put on quiet a feast.
This morning we all got up at dawn, 6am, for the early session. The guys on the longboards and the beginners really loved it, and the sun rise was glorious from the water, as it came up over the farmlands and the hills behind the beach.
Yoga after breakfast with our Yoga instructor who has become very much a part of our camp. Then the rest of the day at the beach, in the sun. What a couple of days its been. What an amazing week of waves and weather.


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