Surf camp Bali daily little report on whats going on here

Tiny winy little waves today , the smallest in the world …na small but still good enough for us to surf and really enjoy it. We headed out early over to the Nusa Dua side to a little secret spot called …………… , great waves and still around 1mtre on the sets. The crew at the camp were surprised that we found waves after they saw loads of people driving to Uluwatu when it was barely 1ft. But we found them close by , Niko was flat , Greenballs had a little wave but loads of people on it early. Nyang Nyang was crowded aswell as it had the biggest waves of the day and the almost the biggest crowds. Uluwatu had alot of people out there splashing around in hope of a decent set wave , but not many came in.

Tomorrow looks alot better with a rise in size from 1.4 to 1.7 mtre waves so keep those fingers crossed for clean straight swell. Today Matt the movie producer from England left after a solid 3 weeks in bali , and first time surfing . From beginner on a soft board to buying his own board 9ft mal as he was 6.7ft he’s done well , funny guy to have in the camp and he’ll be missed but he’ll return with his mate Ben another character we love to have in the camp , they kept the camp laughing most of the time with Bens little tight arse shorts and that little dance he used to do. Funny blokes.

Any ways get your ticket organised and then book in with us for some fun , waves , sun , good laughs and great times you’ll never forget. Surf in Bali must be done once in your life and why not here with us. Check us out under surf accommodation in bali.

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