Surf camp Bali, Yes sad but true no big waves, but still we had fun

All the intermediates were stoked to see on the swell charts that the swell was going to be huge these last 2 days. But yesterday Morning we took a few beginners to Uluwatu as it was 2 – 3 ft but as we hit midday the swell looked like it was going to be massive as within 2 hrs it had risen from 3ft to solid 6ft some clients were saying 10ft but no way was it that size. We then made our way back to the camp and surfed a little spot called bingin right , theres usually noone on it when we arrived there were 6 guys on it , we decided to go as it looked solid 5-6ft (2mtres) it took us 25mins to get off the rocks as it was so low the tide that we had to walk many slippery sharp rocks. John our big chinese californian client was last to jump off and unfortunatly he got his leggy (leash) caught on the rock and was dangling in 2ft waves crashing on him , funny sight , he got back up fell in a hole got smashed around a bit then luck came his way there were no waves for a 1min chuck our surf guide grabbed him he got free back to his feet and got off the rocks. Made me laugh so much , but he was alright big guy a few scratches and dings on his board but he was fine. We had a laugh and caught some waves. These things happen when you surf at an intermediate level but i couldnt help my self but laugh as its happened to me so many times and all i can do is laugh it off.

Well i think karma got me back for laughing at John. As i caught a sic wave pulled in got smashed i was under the water and got rammed against the rock ledge and winded myself and corked my leg. I came up and was out of breath for 10mins all the boys laughing at me as i laid on my board out of breath.. hehehehehe

But we all had a fun day of surfing a few scratches and bumps but we survived , all laughs at the dinner table at me as chuck told the story. This week looks great for all levels of surfers with decent waves ahead.

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