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Surf Camps in Bali

Well we decided to have a nice lay in this morning due to to much surfing and we were all exhausted from surfing 8hr days over the last 4 days , as the waves here have been big and great.

The beginners did some surf school in Balangan with chuck our local guide who used to work at odesseys surf school in kuta. Great teacher and always very helpful with all clients. Surf school in bali. Wave size was around the 1 mtre mark. Carl loved it.

The intermediates surf early on a left opposite nusa dua and next to Niko. Want perfect but not a soul in the water , so all 5 of us had it to ourselves for 4 hrs. Some fun long waves, nice and clean. We headed to secrets this afternoon as the tide was very low 0.2 so we needed to find the one and only spot that works on low tide and we call it secrets …. hehehhehe sorry but cant reveal all my little secrets , i guess you’ll have to visit us to find all of these amazing spots. The waves were about 2 mtres on the sets so some fun sizeable waves and no crowds….yeeeeeewwwwwww

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