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Surf Lessons Ericeira

Surf lessons Ericeira: The best place to learn the art of surfing

Rapture Surfcamp Portugal

Located only 35 km (22 miles) from the exciting Portuguese capital of Lisbon, Ericeira is one of the world’s best places to learn how to surf. This traditional fishing village-turned surfing Mecca has warmth, sun and Southern European charm combined with a unique range of waves to suit any level of surfer — from absolute beginner to seasoned pro.

If you’re looking for a lively, but relaxing location for surf lessons Ericeira ticks all the boxes.

Ericeira: World Surfing Reserve

As the first and only official World Surfing Reserve in Europe, Ericeira’s beaches boast unequalled quality and cleanliness. This 8-km (5-mile) stretch of coastline is absolutely packed with world-class surf spots and environmentally certified Blue Flag beaches.

Why take surf lessons in Ericeira?

Here are some of the many advantages to taking surf lessons from Rapture Surfcamp in Ericeira:

  • All instructors at Rapture are fully qualified and hold high-standard European licenses
  • Ericeira is home to cluster of varied breaks with year-round consistent waves
  • There are several mellow beach breaks to choose from (Foz de Lizandro, São Julião, Praia do Sul, etc.) which are suitable for beginners and perfect for surf lessons
  • A safe and friendly town with all the conveniences and amenities for a comfortable stay
  • Warm and sunny weather all summer long
  • Mild winters with small crowds
  • Excellent, fresh food and a selection of quality restaurants, cafés and pubs
  • Buzzing summer nightlife
  • Close to Lisbon, Sintra and Mafra as well as many other cultural and historical sites
  • Ericeira has been certified as a World Surfing Reserve by the Save the Waves coalition, International Surfing Association (ISA) and the National Surfing Reserves of Australia

About Rapturecamps surf school Ericeira

Rapturecamps surf school in Ericeira is perfectly situated with easy access to 9 of Europe’s best surf spots. Rapture HQ, a traditional Portuguese villa, is just a few metres from Foz do Lizandro, a mellow beach break that is ideal for surf lessons. It is also just a 15-minute walk from Ericeira town centre. For more advanced surfers, Ribeira d’Ilhas, perennial site of one leg of the ASP World Tour Surf Championship, is just 6 km (4 miles) up the coast.

Rapture offers lessons and surfguiding to all breaks within Ericeira’s dense cluster of surf spots and even trips to surf destinations beyond, such as those on the Lisbon Coast to the south and the Silver Coast to the north.

Rapturecamps also provides a choice of comfortable accommodation, ranging from rooms in our surf villa (Rapture HQ) to private self-catered apartments as well as the villa and bungalows at our nearby surf resort.

Contact us for more information about the range of packages available for surf lessons Ericeira.

Rapture Surfcamp Portugal

Our instructors

Instructors at Rapture are dedicated to providing a fun and stress-free environment for all our guests. We will help you with all aspects of your surfing journey, including technique, equipment, finding the right breaks or other details regarding your stay in Ericeira.

Expert surf guiding and surf lessons Ericeira

Rapture Surfcamp in Portugal provides both surf lessons and surf guiding for surfers of all levels from around the world. We hold surfing lessons 6 days per week, with Sundays reserved for free surfing, relaxing and exploring the area. Equipment use on Sundays is free for guests who book weekly packages.

We also offer surfboard and wetsuit rental for those who are not taking part in lessons or surfguiding.

Rapturecamp instructors provide expert surfguiding at all the regional surf spots. For a small fee, we’ll take you to the ideal spot with the best conditions for your tastes and skill levels on any given day. Our owners and staff have a combined experience of more than 30 years in the sport.

*Extras include yoga lessons, surf-gear insurance (highly recommended) and transfers to and from Lisbon Airport.

Surf lessons Ericeira: What you’ll learn

Beginners start by learning how to handle a surfboard, paddle out, catch a wave and then get to their feet. We’ll also work on your stance, which you can later practice independently at home or on the beach.

Surf lesson basics 

Let’s take look at some basic stages of what you’ll learn when taking surf lessons Ericeira:

Step 1: Positioning

Position yourself stomach-down on your board with your body in the middle and feet just at or slightly over the tail. Maintain the nose of the board level with the water by adjusting your position.

Step 2: Paddling out

Paddle as if you are performing a forward crawl swim stroke with arms out to your sides and hands cupped.

Step 3: Selecting and catching a wave

Face the beach, paddle forward along with the wave and time your entry. With your hands in front of your shoulders and palms-down, push yourself up to your feet. Use your back leg or knee to help if necessary. After you’ve reached your feet, stand with them shoulder-length apart, back foot parallel with the width of the board and front foot at a 45-degree angle. Keep your knees slightly bent while you steer and balance yourself with your arms held out.

Example lesson summaries

Here are some examples of what you might learn in a typical week of surf lessons Ericeira:

1st Surf Lesson Ericeira

  • safety intro & beach awareness
• paddling out • surf equipment • catching a wave
• standing up on your board • board control

Surf School Portugal

2nd Surf Lesson Ericeira

  • standing up • riding a wave toward shore
• techniques for speeding up and stalling • popping up • improving your stance

Surf School Portugal

3rd Surf Lesson Ericeira

  • surf awareness • how to turn
• backhand and forehand techniques
• developing your own style

Surf Lessons Portugal

4th Surf Lesson Ericeira

  • linking your turns
• improving technique

Portugal Surf Lessons

5th Surf Lesson Ericeira

  • paddling out techniques • “out of depth” waves
• going “out the back”
• linking top and bottom turns
• whitewater lines

Portugal Surf School

6th Surf Lesson Ericeia

  • selecting and timing your waves • riding unbroken waves
• sitting on your board
• angled take offs

Surf School Portugal

7th Surf Lesson Ericeira

  • positioning yourself in the line-up • making backhand and forehand turns on the face of the wave • using rip currents
• refining your timing and wave choice
• surfing with hardboards



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