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Surf report 2nd of August

Surf Report Sunday 2nd of August 2009

Overnight the swell picked up to a solid three foot out the back but that did not initmidate the rapture rascals as they once again suited up. After Ines was granted approval from the Kundalini gods we entered the water. The conditions were not as friendly as yesterday with the wind pushing the waves around similar to the way the school bully pushed Jono around when we were kids. Ines must have impressed Yogi Bhajan himself with her flamboyant warm up routine as she soon got the wave of the day, riding all the way to the shore. The Holland brothers were getting amongst the action working on their turning, no doubt impressing a few of the scantily clad women on the beach. Andy broke in his new wetsuit ,which made him look more flexible than Mick Fanning and Stretchgirl’s illegitimate love child. The session seemed to finish quicker than yesterday with everyone quickly tiring of the turbulent conditions so it was back up the hill to the camp for some arts and crafts and general chilling.

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