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Surf Report Ericiera, Portugal 16th of August

The face of the camp has changed completely. The Danish/German and Austrian boys are all out. Boris and Anna left this morning after a classic 15 day holiday. It seemed as though they had become part of the family. Team England (Dave, Mike and Ian) also left this morning after a week long visit. There were a few tears by Dave at the farewell, but he bravely held them back. Team England has been replaced by a more youthful squad as three more lads rocked up last night.

Speaking of last night…everyone was in fine form. None more than Pricey though. The man was on fire. As he walked onto the verandah of the bar several ladies forgot to breath and one particularly gorgeous woman choked on her martini olive. Within moment he was confidently strolling through the crowd towards the beach with a fine woman in tow. He made a lap past the boys to show her off, keeping a casual expression as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Only the trained eye noticed the look in his eyes as he passed the lads. It said something along the lines of ‘hey boys, look what i got, im outta here’.

The rest of us just sifted around the bar for a while before stumbling home, awakening this morning to a throbbing head and Matt yelling some obscenities at Pricey for some reason or another. It was a swell night but it certainly reduced the level of frothing in the camp today.

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